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Allan du Manoir de Juaye

Allan du Manoir de Juaye


Allan du Manoir de Juaye is the grandson of a French aristocrat, Count Richard Joseph Jules le Chanoine du Manoir de Juaye, who moved to Canada from France. Allan’s ancestors played interesting and influential roles in French history. One of Allan’s ancestors was an engineer who built the Canal du Midi which joins the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Another ancestor escaped France to avoid being jailed during the French revolution and ended up in Weimar where he became a friend of Goethe, one of the most famous German writers. As a child, Allan grew up with a cocker spaniel and has always loved this breed of dogs. He has had five cocker spaniels. Allan studied linguistics at university and speaks four languages. He has lived in Canada, Germany, England and France. He currently lives in both Canada and the south of France. ..

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