Voltaire Travels to Paris

Voltaire loves traveling and in his short lifetime has done so quite extensively. It is both a challenge and a delight to have an American Cocker Spaniel, born in Canada, with great intelligence, refined tastes and ample curiosity. When his parents decided to move to the south of France a few years ago, Voltaire was ecstatic — his visions of the azure Mediterranean, picturesque villas and alpine slopes were about to come true!  He resided there for three years and loved the experience, especially as dogs are revered in France and are allowed almost everywhere including restaurants, trains, hotels and bars. In restaurants the owner will typically bring a bowl of water and a snack for the dog while the parents dine! Although Voltaire was very pleased to be living in this gentle climate with its fig, mimosa and orange trees, its fragrant herbs, its scintillating Riviera and its legendary cuisine, it was always his dream to visit the “City of Light” — Paris.